Member and Organisation Administrator Views

Members and Organisation Administrators have different access rights within Industry Smart and therefore have different tabs and views.  

What can Member's see?

Members of Industry Smart have one easy-to-use screen called 'Your Account' from which members can access everything from credential information to personal contact details.

From this screen, members can:

- view their credentials and the credential approval status (as highlighted by the colour indicator bar)

- add new credentials

- update their contact information, including changing their organisation or their profile photo

- view their virtual card. 


What can Organisation Administrator's see?

Organisation Administrators have the same easy-to-use screen but have three tabs (or links) available at the top of the screen:  'Your Organisation's Account', 'Your Members' and 'Your Account'.  



Your Account - this screen automatically displays when you log into Industry Smart.  It displays your personal credentials and their approval status.  From this screen, you can  update your personal details.


Your Members - this screen contains two tables:

Member records - this displays a list of all organisation members.  You'll use this table to approve new members.  

Member credentials - this displays a list of your members credentials and their approval status.  You'll use this table to approve any newly added credentials by your members credentials. 


Your Organisation's Account - this screen also contains two tables:

Credential templates - this displays a list of all the credentials owned by your organisation

Credential records - this displays a list of any member (both your members and others) that have assigned one of your credentials to their profile.  You'll use this table to confirm whether these credentials have been accurately assigned. 



Other Buttons

You'll notice there are also buttons along the top of the screen that allow you to add a new member, add a credential to members (including to yourself, if applicable) and search on specific members.   


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