Adding a New Credential

Adding a credential is an easy process – all you need to do is select your credential by filtering on the relevant organisation and credential category, and record the date it was issued. 

Tip:  Be sure to identify the organisation first.  This makes it so much easier to the credentials relevant to that organisation.


Can't see the credential you are after?

  • Are you looking at the right organisation?  The organisation field defaults to your organisation.  Change this if you need to search on a different organisation, such as a training provider.  
  • Have you filtered on a credential category?  You may need to remove the filter and broaden your search.  Simply click on the category you have filtered to remove the filter again.
  • Still can't see it?  The credential you need may not exist yet, and you can create it.  Find out how to create  credential here. If you're unsure, why not check with your Organisation Administrator first?
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