Registering your Organisation

Registering your organisation with Industry Smart is quick and easy - simply register your organisation at the same time you register your own Industry Smart account.  

Follow these simple steps:

1. Enter Registration Details

In the Register Now page, enter your contact and employment details, and upload a profile photo according to the Profile Photo Guidelines.  

Important: Once you have entered your Organisation name, you will notice that a checkbox displays that allows you to identify that you will be the Organisation Administrator.   Ensure you select this checkbox.


2. Confirm Your Email Address 

Confirm your email address is correct by clicking the link in the Registration email you'll receive.   Tip: If you don’t receive an email, check your Spam or Junk folder. 


3. Set a Secure Password 

Set a memorable but secure password according to our password guidelines.  


4. Accept Industry Smart's Terms and Conditions 

Read through the terms and conditions, and accept to complete your registration.


5.  Set up Your Membership Payment / Monthly Invoicing

Contact Industry Smart to complete payment for your membership and to set up monthly invoicing for your organisation.  


Important - Organisation Approval and Access  

All new organisations require Industry Smart approval.  This takes approximately one working day to complete and we'll send you a confirmation email once done.   

Once your organisation is approved and payment information is recorded, you are assigned Organisation Administrator rights.  These rights allow you to add new members, and manage credentials.

Want to see the difference between Member and Organisation Administrator views?  Click here


What's Next?

Once you've set up and your organisation has been approved, you're ready to go! 

You can ...

Complete your profile - add any outstanding contact information to your profile to ensure it is up to date.  

Add your credentials - if you have your own credentials to add, you can do this now.  Click here for more information.  

Register new members - to save time, you can complete the initial registration for your members on their behalf.  Click here for more information.  

Create credential templates for your organisation - you can begin to create credential templates for credentials owned by your organisation, making them available for your members to select.  Click here for more information.  


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