Understanding Credential Categories

Your credentials are a record of your qualifications and experience, and are used to verify that you are suitable to work in a given situation.  If you've recently completed a health and safety induction or gained a new licence grade, add these to your credential portfolio.  

Other people can also enter credential information on your behalf, including training organisations or your Organisation Administrator.  

There are a handful of credential categories you can select from with Industry Smart, and we've explained them below to make it easier to understand: 


Credential Categories

1.  Inductions

Inductions are used for team briefings around Health and Safety issues or site-specific advice.

Inductions are sub-categoried into organisation, site or hazardous work.


2.  Course

Courses are a series of classes that a person physically attends or completes via self-directed learning.

Courses are sub-categorised as either external (provided through a organisation other than your own) or internal (provided by your own organisation). 


3.  Licences

Licences are the physical documents that confirm whether a person is able to operate a specific type of vehicle or equipment on site.

Licences are sub-categorised into trade or equipment licences.


4.  Qualifications

Qualifications are awarded when a person completes a formal achievement - this typically relates to New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) qualifications.

As NZQA qualifications are already available in the solution, use this option to create non-NZQA specific qualifications. 


5.  Assessments

Assessments are a test of a persons capability relating to a specific skill or knowledge.

Assessments are sub-categorised as external (performed by an external organisation other than your own) or internal (performed by your own organisation). 


Not clear which category to select?

Simply get in touch with us and we'll help you out.  

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