Changing your Organisation

Your organisation is who you are currently employed by, contracted to, or are being trained by.  If your situation changes and you need to update your organisation, you can do this via the Edit/View profile button that displays under your profile photo.   

Follow these simple steps to update your organisation:

1. Click the 'Change' button to make the Organisation field editable.  

2. Enter the name of the new organisation, if applicable, or select from the drop-down options.


Are you moving to a new organisation?  

If the new organisation already exists within Industry Smart, select it from the drop-down options that display.  The Administrator of that organisation will be notified and will confirm you are a member.   


If the organisation is not yet set up within Industry Smart, and you are registering it for the first time, you have the option to select the "I wish to be my Organisations Administrator' checkbox.  Select this if you plan to manage the new organisation.   


Not moving to another organisation?

If you're not moving to another organisation, leave the Organisation field blank and select the "Not applicable, I work independently" checkbox.  


Tip:  Is your email up to date? 

You may need to update your email address if it was linked to your previous organisation.  






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