Assigning a Credential to a Member

You can assign a credential to an individual member or to several members at one time using an easy 3-step process:

- select the credential you require

- identify the members you want to assign the credential to

- confirm the date the credential was issued.


1. Click on the 'Add a credential to members' button to display the Add credential screen.

Using the filter options by Organisation and category, select the credential you require. 

Tip:  If you can't find the credential you need, check that you have filtered on the right organisation and / or category type.  

2. Once you've selected your credential, type the name of the member(s) and confirm.


3. The final step requires entering the date the credential was issued. 

The credentials will then display in the Credential Records table.  

Note:  If the credential you added is 'owned' by your organisation (for example, it is an organisation induction that you regularly run for new employee's or a new internal training course), the credential is automatically approved and the colour indicator next to the credential displays green.  

If you have assigned a credential that is owned by another organisation, it will appear orange. At a later date the credential can be validated by the organisation owner and the colour indicator will display green. 

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