Downloading a Credentials Report

You can download a report of your credentials to an Excel spreadsheet.  This is a really useful way of being able to easily view your credentials and filter on specific information, such as credentials in order of expiry date, or all credentials of a particular type. 

To download a report, click on the Export to CSV button.

The file will typically be saved to the bottom left-hand corner of your browser window (called 'spreadsheet#.csv).  Open the spreadsheet, modify and filter as required and save to your desired file location.   

Tip:  You'll notice that the file type is called a CSV file ('comma separated values), which is a simple file type used to download tables or data from a database.  Because it is very simple in it's capacity (even though it looks like Excel), you will need to save it as an Excel file in order to filter and analyse the data using functions like Pivot Tables.  

To save the file as an Excel file, simply click on File > Save as and select the Excel file format from the drop-down options. 


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