Key Terms

Virtual Card

What a person sees when they scan a members card in order to authenticate that member.  The virtual card is a graphical representation of the front of the member's card, and allows the scanner to view the members credentials.


QR Code

A scannable code that displays on your Industry Smart card and on your profile in the application.  

Your Industry Smart code allows your card to be scanned in order to retrieve your virtual card and your credentials.



A piece of information about an individual which can be used to make a decision about their suitability or fitness to work in a given scenario. Within Industry Smart, there are 5 credential categories: qualifications, inductions, licenses, courses and assessments.  Want to know more?  Refer to Understanding Credential Categories article.


Credential Status Indicator 

The colour indicator next to a credential in your profile that identifies the approval status of an individual credential.  

Red - your credential is not yet validated.

Amber - your credential is validated by the organisation you are associated with. 

Green - your credential is validated by the organisation that owns the credential.  


Profile Status Indicator (Visible for Organisation Administrators only)

The colour indicator next to your profile photo that identifies how complete the set up of your registration is. 

Red - You’ve completed your initial registration with Industry Smart.  You’ve got a few more steps to complete your profile.  Follow the prompts on your profile page.

Amber – You’re almost there!  Just a few more steps and you’re set.  Follow the prompts to complete your profile set-up.  

Green – Congratulations; your Industry Smart profile is complete.  You’re ready to go! 



A registered, fully paid, card-holding subscriber to Industry Smart NZ.  There are two membership types:

Individual Member - a person that is not associated to an organisation within Industry Smart.  This typically relates to Sole Traders, but also includes anyone who chooses not to associate with an organisation or is currently unemployed.

Associated Member - a person who is associated with (employed by or contracted to) an organisation within Industry Smart.  


Organisation Administrator

An individual who manages the Industry Smart account for their business. The Organisation Administrator is responsible for maintaining the organisations profile information, approving new members, managing members' credentials and managing the credentials owned by their organisation.  


Training Organisation

Any organisation that offers industry training courses to individuals, both NZQA accredited and not. 



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