Your Industry Smart Card

Your Industry Smart card is your personal proof of identity.  By simply carrying your card, you can quickly and easily show that you have the qualifications and credentials necessary to work in a specific environment.


Features of the Industry Smart Card:

1.  Your profile photo. This can be used to perform a 2-way (card to face check) or a 3-way (card to face to virtual card check) verification of your identity.  

2.  Membership number. This is assigned when you first register with Industry Smart and remains with you for the lifetime of your membership.

3.  Expiry date. Subscriptions last 1 or 2 years, depending on the subscription option selected at registration. Your card will be replaced when you renew your subscription.

4.  QR (Quick Response) code. This allows your card to be scanned in order to retrieve your important credential information.  Need a QR Scanning App for your phone? Click here for our recommendations.

5. Alphanumeric code (e.g. TWZL7M). This allows your details to be looked up on any internet browser. Simply head to and enter the code. No QR scan needed.

6.  Inbuilt data chip. Embedded in the card, the chip isn't visible in the picture. It can be read by devices with 'Near Field Communications' (NFC) functionality like many modern smartphones. 


Card Warranty

Industry Smart cards are under warranty for the duration of your membership for any faults relating to the chip or QR code functionality.  

Damage as a result of wear and tear is not covered, but you can quickly and easily order a new card on your Dashboard.  Need to order a replacement card? Simply contact Industry Smart and they will help get your new card underway.   

Important:  Avoid puncturing your Industry Smart card with any holes, as this will tamper with the internal chip and make your card unusable.   


Having card issues?

Having issues with your Industry Smart card?  Refer to our Troubleshooting Guide 

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