Your Virtual Card

The virtual card is what displays on a mobile device when the QR code on your Industry Smart card is scanned. 

Haven't seen your virtual card yet?  We've included some sample images below, but if you have your smart phone or tablet handy, why not scan your own card and have a look at your own virtual card?  

The virtual card has one significant advantage over its plastic cousin ... it can display several layers of information that you can quickly and easily access. Use your finger to tap into the content and view all of the credentials held about you on Industry Smart.


Initial Screen

The first screen is a digital version of your card and can be used to perform a 3 way verification of your identity (a card to face to virtual card check).




To view the main menu screen, tap anywhere on the screen and the various credential categories will display.


Credential Details 

To view any of your existing credentials, tap any of the picture icons to see further detail.


Assign a Credential (Organisation Administrators view only)

Organisation Administrators also have the ability to assign credentials 'owned' by their organisation to Industry Smart members.  Note:  This Assign a Credential icon only displays for Organisation Administrators.  By clicking on Assign a Credential, a list of credentials owned by that organisation displays and can be assigned.  


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